To keep your air conditioning system running at its best


Have your air conditioning system serviced annually.
You could save costs in the long run.

Have an active sanitiser applied where offensive smells persist.
Keep the bacteria and fungal spores at bay.

Run your system regularly.
Keeps the seals working so prevents leaks.

Have your system checked immediately you notice a significant change in performance.
It could save you an expensive repair job.  [Especially important to Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and any vehicles with clutchless compressors]

Switch off the system ten minutes before the end of your journey and run the blower on a high setting.
This will reduce the occurrence of fungi, bacteria and viruses in the car.


Run the system when the refrigerant level is low.
The seals can dry out and leak.  The compressor could be damaged and the compressor will cost more to run as it will have to work harder.

Put off having the system repaired.
Leaving it could land you with a hefty repair bill.

Remove any valve caps on the system.
Refrigerant is held under high pressure and can cause severe burns and or blindness.

Allow anyone to “top up” your system with refrigerant
It was possible to use a sight glass on vehicles that were charged with, the now obsolete, R12 refrigerant. These indicators, except in certain circumstances, will not work correctly with modern refrigerant and there is no practical way of telling how much gas is present in a system without removing and weighing it unless you have access to specialist equipment and a sound understanding of refrigeration principles.  Topping up can result in over charging which in turn can destroy the compressor or condenser.

Allow anyone to charge the system with anything other than the correct type of gas  and oils.
The correct type of gas is critical to both safety and performance.  There are eight different oils used in a/c systems - correct matching is essential.  Some “rogue” refrigerants are highly flammable and there is a risk of explosion in some circumstances.

Allow anyone to charge with a leak stopper, enhancer, cleaner or booster.
Florescent dye is acceptable.  Those involved in a/c servicing are now testing for the presence and will not touch a system that has been treated by leak stopper, enhancer, cleaner or booster.

Allow anyone to vent the f-gas designated refrigerant to the atmosphere.
It is illegal and allegedly damages the environment.

If you know that your system has a significant leak or that a previous charge lasted less than 12 months then have the vehicle repaired before having it re-gassed.

If your system has not been working for an extended time because of loss of refrigerant then it is possible that your system will need extensive work due to ingression of air/moisture.

A filter drier is included to absorb any moisture that makes its way into the system.  It is recommended, by manufacturers, that the drier is replaced every 2 years.  Please let us know if you need this work done on your initial contact with us.

All services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

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Cards accepted-
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